Honda Dual Sport CRF 300L


The CRF300L is a dual-purpose motorcycle with a single mission: to deliver the best ride experience wherever you take it. From technical single-track, to multi-lane traffic, the lightweight frame and upright seating position give you command over your surroundings. An accessible powerband and plenty of low-end torque compliment this design for precise handling. Together with a smart set of features, you get an agile bike that excels in just about every situation. Optional anti-lock brakes (ABS) grant even more control over the unknown, while new standard handguards offer added protection against the elements. The CRF300L allows you to enjoy the best parts of riding on the street and off-road. It’s one bike, but you’ll be happier than a dog with two tails.
Want more choices? Check out the CRF300L Rally, complete with Dakar-inspired body work and graphics. And the new CRF300LS which offers trail to trail performance with a lower seat height.

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